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Chesapeake Bay Area Cribbage Club P.O. Box 3102 - Crofton, MD 21114 - Tel. (410)721-9093

Weekly Activity Report
May 7, 2001

First place goes to Keith Miller who finished with a nice 7 win and 2 loss record. Keith has finished strong during the last month of Grass Roots competition and finished third overall! Keith recorded a skunk to give him 15 points towards both his Grass Roots and Club standings. Congratulations Keith on having such a fine finish and a great cribbage night!

Second place honors goes to Dutch Gehrlich who also ended up with 15 points, one of his wins was by a skunk which required we go to spread points to determine the winner. Great playing Dutch!

Third place goes to Dave Leissner, who also had a terrific night in scoring 7 wins and only 2 losses. Way to go Dave!

Fourth place goes to Brenda Huddleston who also had an excellent night by ending up with 7 wins and only 2 losses! Normally that would be enough to take first place. Brenda had no skunks (very unusual) and ended up with 14 points! Nice going Brenda!

This marks the 36th week of the Grass Roots Competition. Grass Roots points are awarded to the top 20% finishers. There will be an end of GR year banquet on 5/28/01 where individual awards will be presented.

There will be No Cribbage on 5/21/01!

Note: Club Awards Banquet will be on 5/28/01 at 6:00 PM on Monday evening. We will play cribbage after the awards banquet.

The money in the Skunk Can, (obtained from player voluntary contributions of $0.25, when skunked) will be used to award prizes for any of the following: (Level II prize)
a 29 hand (entire proceeds in can)
a 28 hand (1/2 proceeds in can)
a Grand Slam (1/2 proceeds of can)

Collected: $2.00
Club transfer: $7.50
Don Beer: 28 hand: awarded 1/2 of skunk can: $8.50
Skunk can balance = $15.00

$$$$$ Money Collected: $290.00 $$$$$
Prize money distributed ($245.00)


1st  Keith M.
2nd Dutch G.
3rd Dave L.
4th Brenda H.

Level # I Bonuses ( for all tournament players)
Bonus #1 - three (6's): John $5.00
Bonus #2 - 5 card straight: Dave $5.00
Bonus #3 - full house: Frank $5.00

Level # II Bonuses ( for all ACC & GR members with more than 3 club tournaments)
Bonus #4 - 3(8's) + 2(7's): Keith $20.00
Bonus #5 - first 1 in hand and 0 in crib - (carryover $100.00)
Bonus #6 - first 4(7's) - (carryover $40.00)

Club Fund Balance: $552.20

See club accounting ledger, available every Monday night during the tournament, for details on club finances along with accompanying receipts in white envelope.

Have Fun and Keep on Pegging!


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