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Chesapeake Bay Area Cribbage Club P.O. Box 3102 - Crofton, MD 21114 - Tel. (410)721-9093

Q. Is the club a non-profit club?
A. Yes, the club is a non-profit organization.

Q. What is the age range of the club players?
A. We have players ranging in age from 18 to 80. We also have a good mix of men and women!

Q. What are the club dues used for?
A. The club dues are used for three purposes:
1. A Club prize fund for weekly top finishers. 80%
2. A donation to the Anne Arundel Volunteer Firefighters. 12.5%
3. For Club expenses. 7.5% (Registration of club with ACC - cribbage boards - playing cards - Coffee/Tea/Soda/Snacks).

Q. Why must we cut the deck each time we start a game?
A. The club follows the ACC Official Tournament Rules so that when you play in Inter-Club, Regional or National Tournaments you will be in a better position. Also, this helps in removing any doubt about the shuffle being rigged.

Q. I've always played cribbage where you turn your cards over when you reach 31 or get a Go.
A. Tournament play requires your hand to be face up infront of the player even when 31 is reached. This is to protect you in case someone issued a Go and really had a card that they could play.

Q. Do I have to be an expert to play?
A. No, we welcome players of all levels. Only by playing will you pick up the skills to play better and spot the card combinations quicker.

Q. How can I speed up my play?
A. Just as in driving, to fast can be dangerous and to slow might make you fall asleep or be hit from the rear! To get to a comfortable playing level try always counting your hand in the same manner. It helps to eliminate errors and oversights. For example:

  • Count all your 15's
  • Count your Runs
  • Count your Pairs
  • Count your Flush
  • Last, count His Nobs

  • Good Luck and keep playing!
    ..........Good idea to count the cards before playing!

    Q. I don't know how to play but I'm interested in learning.
    A. We hold "How to Play Cribbage" sessions monthly. Call or email us for date, day and time.

    Q. Can a cribbage player earn Grass Roots points from more than one club?
    A. Cribbage Players can only earn Grass Roots points from the club that they are registered with. If you move or change clubs you must notify the ACC of you intentions to transfer your club membership.

    Home Club Info Club Standings Directions & Map Join Today How To Play F A Q's Surf & Shop

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